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Photos by Emily Jewer

Written by HomeFirst’s Artistic Director Mary Vingoe, Refuge had its world premiere in 2013 in a co-production with Eastern Front Theatre. The script was a Finalist for the 2014 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award.

Refuge tells the story of a refugee claimant from the Horn of Africa and the struggles he and those around him face as he tries to make his way through Canada’s convoluted immigration system. The story is adapted in part from the CBC Radio documentary Habtom’s Path by Mary Lynk. Ayinom is a former soldier from Eritrea who has arrived in Canada without papers and seeks refugee status. Seen through the eyes of the couple who take him in and the lawyer who represents him, the play lays bare the shortfalls of the refugee system as it exists in Canada today. Refuge combines two distinct aesthetics: adding verbatim text from CBC radio interviews to the fictional world of the characters involved.

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Shelley Hamilton as Amleset
Christian Murray as Alan
Moui Nene as Membratu
Natalie Tannous as Pamel
refuge-by-emily-jewer (2)
Hugh Thompson as Saul
Samantha Wilson as The Interviewer


Headshot Emma Tibaldo 2017
Emma Tibaldo
Sylvia Headshot (2)
Sylvia Bell
Stage Manager
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Helena Marriott
Costume Design
Paul Cram
Sound Design
Sue LePage
Set Design
Mary Vingoe, a white woman with dark grey and brown hair, is smiling centre frame. She is backlit and wearing a colourful scarf.
Mary Vingoe