It Is Solved By Walking

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Photos by Nick Bottomley

This production was the Atlantic Canadian premiere of the Governor General Award winning script by Sambro playwright Catherine Banks.

A co-production with White Rooster Theatre, It Is Solved By Walking ran at the Neptune Scotiabank Studio Theatre in Halifax from October 1-5, 2014 and at LSPU in St. John’s from October 22-26, 2014.

It Is Solved By Walking is framed by the American poet Wallace Stevens’ brilliant if enigmatic poem, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” Tantalizingly surreal, the play is at its core the story of a woman determined to escape the prison of a failed marriage and reclaim her creativity. It Is Solved By Walking is full of passion, wit, grace, and sensuality.

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Ruth Lawrence as Margaret
Hugh Thompson as Wallace Stevens


Catherine Banks, a white woman with chin length light grey hair, smiles slightly centre frame. Behind her is the ocean at early dusk.
Catherine Banks
Nick Bottomley
Video & Sound Design
Katie Butler
Publicity (St. John's)
Paul Cram
Karen Gross, a white person with long hair and bright yellow hat, smiles while sitting on a chair centre frame while holding George, a black and white cat.
Karen Gross
Associate Producer
Sue LePage
Set and Costume Design
Alexis Milligan (2)
Alexis Milligan
Ingrid Risk
Ingrid Risk
Lighting Design &
Stage Manager
Mary Vingoe, a white woman with dark grey and brown hair, is smiling centre frame. She is backlit and wearing a colourful scarf.
Mary Vingoe